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Born in 1982, Miami, Nicholas F. Romero (of Argentine descent) initially expressed his talent through vandalism on the surrounding walls of his home. His aunt’s books also fell victim to the unrelenting urge to express his self; he was just 2 years old. From there on he began expanding his talents in school starting with Art Club in the second grade, R.R. Moton Magnet School for the Arts in 6th grade, Southwood Middle School for the Arts (7th - 9th), and finally Design & Architecture Senior High.

While in the 9th grade Nicholas managed to attain 2 awards for one dry-point etching. The first was the Scholastics Gold Key (first place amongst many throughout the entire of Florida), and the second was the Scholastics Silver Key (second place nationally). He's also managed to be awarded for photographs taken in Middle School (R.R. Moton), exposed at the Miami-Dade county fair.

During middle school Nicholas managed to succeed in starting a Skaters’ T-shirt Company, Hazard, with the loving support from his father. The company had great success, landing a section with up to 9 designs in the renowned Team Paradise catalog, and being sold in skate shops throughout Miami (Fritz skate shop, and Skate 2000). They (Team Paradise) even had a small biography on the young artist. The company came to a crash when they received an order whose demand was more than they could afford.

After high school, he decided to try an alternative to College and study the hazardous roads of life. Along the way he stumbled upon many different experiences where he was able to tune his talent. Some of these experiences 
included working as a graphic designer at Hybrid Impressions for a year in Miami, then a move to Los Angeles where he worked as a face painter in Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA, caricature artist in Studios, Hollywood CA, then landing a tattoo apprenticeship at Kaydens Creations in Hollywood CA.

Three years after a back-and-forth relationship with Los Angeles, Nicholas is back home in Miami where he is working diligently on his focus as “just an artist”. Since his return, he’s fortunately (through help with friends and family) booked several live painting events, art exhibitions, and managed a collaborative art gallery with Alex Yanes and 53 (Alternate Art Space). He’s also attained publicity through El Nuevo Herald, Deco Drive, Cool Junkie, Closer 
Magazine, and Hugo Boss by winning a design contest and being selected as one of the 100 top designs for a book.


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